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By Renee Marazon
Intentional Catholic Parenting

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Intentional Catholic Parenting

Renée Marazon is a member St. Katharine Drexel Parish where she serves as a Eucharistic minister and Co-Chair of the Jeremiah Team (Parish Leadership Team). She coordinates the parish Charism (Spiritual Gifts) and Prayer Team Ministries and serves as Coordinator of the SKD Alpha Core Team. She also serves as a coach and mentor for Southwest Florida Alpha USA. ​ Ms. Marazon also serves as a council member of the Pentecost Today USA and a member of the Formation Committee. Ms. Marazon has given retreats, workshops, and parish missions throughout the U.S. and Trinidad and the Philippines via ZOOM. She consults with parishes on a variety of topics including charism discernment and the great value in pastoral teams knowing about and calling forth their people into ministry positions using their charisms. She has authored over 10 publications including Charisms of the Holy Spirit: Tools for the New Evangelization, The Catholic Parent/Teacher Handbook of Child Growth, Development, & Learning, Renewing the Renewal: A Firestorm in the Catholic Church, and Deliverance Prayer: A Matter of Wisdom, Discernment, and Obedience. She is married to David and together they have four children and eight grandchildren.


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