Judah Swagerty

By Judah Swagerty
Bestselling Author, Investor, & Brand Strategist

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Bestselling Author, Investor, & Brand Strategist

Judah Swagerty is the co-founder of bnb AMPLIFY, a hybrid brand marketing agency that helps real estate entrepreneurs and short-term rental property managers launch and grow their businesses using their Local Brand Growth Formula and marketing automation strategies. He has been named Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Leaders and has over twenty-20 years of experience in digital marketing, specializing in brand marketing, content strategies, and website design and has dozens of highly successful campaigns and projects under his belt. Judah loves helping his clients identify their target audience and build systems and frameworks to produce results. He has since devoted his life to serving others and his community through creative real estate financing, multi-family investing, business acquisitions, and helping businesses generate revenue.


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