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By Glen Swindell
Fractional Sales Leader | Fintech & eCommerce Executive | Growth Strategist | Non-Profit Board Membe...

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Fractional Sales Leader | Fintech & eCommerce Executive | Growth Strategist | Non-Profit Board Member | Coffee Aficionado | Servant Leader | Army Veteran

Hello, I'm Glen Swindell, a Fintech & eCommerce executive specializing in navigating companies through growth, from initial stages to the complexities of the mid-market. I'm your go-to person for Sales & Revenue Operations wisdom, having accumulated a wealth of experience. I've played a pivotal role in driving revenue for startups, local businesses, and enterprises, offering practical growth strategies grounded in real-world solutions, not just theories. What fuels my approach? A decade-plus journey in eCommerce, Payments, and SaaS, coupled with a foundation in servant leadership developed during my time as an Army Veteran. My expertise lies in crafting growth strategies, excelling in business process optimization, and mastering eCommerce churn & retention. My goal is simple: to be your trusted partner in insightful discussions on success in sales strategies and revenue optimization. I'm Glen, and this is more than just my story; it's about the collective narratives, challenges, and victories we can explore together. Let’s turn these podcast episodes into a practical playbook for success in the world of sales strategies and revenue optimization. I’m here to share insights from my journey – the wins, the lessons, and how they can elevate your own ventures.


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