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By Hannah Moore
Hannah offers expertise in brand strategy, authentic engagement, and actionable insights for empowe...

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Hannah offers expertise in brand strategy, authentic engagement, and actionable insights for empowering the next wave of marketing leaders.

Meet Hannah, a dynamic Brand Marketing and Communications Manager at Ascendco Health, where her strategic acumen meets her creative spark. With a Master's in Marketing and a hands-on background in both academic research and healthcare tech, Hannah has a proven track record of breathing new life into brand narratives and aligning them with cutting-edge software solutions. From leading a significant rebrand at Ascendco to managing complex marketing campaigns at DEKA Laser, Hannah has not only tackled traditional marketing challenges but has also navigated the nuanced world of health technology with finesse. Her expertise is grounded in solid research from her time at the University of Tennessee, where she dissected the academic-industry gap, translating these findings into tangible career development strategies for budding marketers. Hannah's approach is refreshingly genuine. She's a storyteller at heart, with a flair for connecting the dots between data analytics and human-centric narratives. Her portfolio boasts an impressive blend of strategic planning and tactical execution, underscored by her roles across various sectors—from legal marketing to children's healthcare. This has equipped her with a diverse toolkit that she adeptly applies to each brand's unique ecosystem. Beyond her professional achievements, Hannah is an advocate for empowering young marketers. She's candid about her experiences with 'imposter syndrome' and passionate about mentoring the next generation to leverage their youth as an asset in the marketing realm. With a vision to enhance gender balance in marketing leadership, she's dedicated to building a platform that uplifts and educates, sharing the insights she's gained from her rapid ascent through the ranks. As a podcast guest, Hannah brings not only her substantial expertise in marketing strategy and brand communication but also a vibrant energy and a commitment to authenticity that resonates with audiences across the spectrum. She's ready to share her innovative strategies and inspire a dialogue that bridges generational gaps in the marketing industry. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, Hannah's insights are sure to spark inspiration and drive transformation.


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